One of the joys…..road testing a new motorcycle

Been quite quiet this week in the world of motorcycle couriering – it least it has been for me.

But like everyone in biz there’s always stuff to do – but to be honest there’s only so much of ‘that stuff’ I can take.  I was getting withdrawal symptoms and really wanted Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 - possibly an excellent choice for a motorcycle courierto get my bum in the saddle and get out on the road on my motorcycle.

So following a business meeting I called around to my ‘favourite’ garage, Max Moto, for chat and coffee (thank you Senga).  Next thing Senga throws me the keys to their newly delivered new model Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 8V – and says ” Go on then – go and run it in “.

Never the one to miss an opportunity and it wasn’t as if there was a pressing delivery to be made.

I was out for about 2 hours, mainly just going along the local country roads with a final stretch on some dual carriage way.  There’s no doubt I really like ‘bigger’ bikes – this one had a real magic carpet ride (in comparison to my Breva).

The riding position, for me, was almost perfect – the only grip (?) being the seat to foot peg didn’t feel a little cramped.  As always I would have preferred a bigger (wider) screen.  I look at it that for me as a courier in that some days you can be out for 12 hours and british weather being british – it just might rain ALL that time.  So protection from the elements is essential.  So is the 1200 Norge suited to courier work – I’d say most definitely yes.

I’ll put an article together sometime soon with regard to what is a suitable courier motorcycles (from my perspective).  But in the meantime thanks again to Max Moto for the test ride …….




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Director at Concierge Couriers Ltd - a Motorcycle Courier company. Specialising in providing quick delivery solutions throughout the UK and to Continental Europe.
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