Green issues – so how green is your courier ??

Green issues – it’s a subject that’s with us every day.  Not just in business, but also at home – at least it is for us anyway !

At home we’re pretty good at recycling ‘most’ things.  We have an allotment so we never seem to forget ‘organic’ material for recycling, in fact our brown bin – thats combustable waste, is NEVER put out for the council collection (Maybe I should ask for a rebate !!)  Then there’s the dry recylables – paper, metal and appropriate plastics – usually manage a full bin within the 2 week collection cycle !

So what about the business? – as a motorcycle courier we’re already 1 step ahead of the ‘man in van’ and the rest of the courier crowd.  We are already a ‘greener’ mode of transport, by function and design – Yeh, so what else can we do….

Well recently we ‘enrolled’ with a scheme run through Suffolk County Council and specifically by the Green Light Trust.  The course is run over 3 mentoring sessions which gives businesses a real valuable insight in to becoming a Low Carbon Champion- with Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation.

What suprised me was that once you go into all the details of ‘greening’ your business what improvements in energy/carbon reduction can actually be achieved.  Not just that, but the potentail  savings can be achieved – so in todays market getting a few percent more on the bottom line can’t be bad.

Before starting this project (and it wont be completed until September) we’d embarked on 2 key areas looking for potential improvments.  One area was, we invested in a more ‘intelligent’ Sat Nav system – in summary over a normal 400 mile round trip we could see a saving of ~£10.00.  Might not seem much, but if you multiply it up, over the year it all adds up to improved bottom line – which can’t bad.

This is the most clear cut change with positive results we’ve made, doing the green appraisal of the business operation there are other areas identified and possible to implement (eg, paperless invoicing and Proof of Delivery) that will promote reduced energy/carbon consumption.  There are other areas to investigate for further potential energy/carbon consumption savings. In addition there’s also the marketing of this issue, so overall very positive.

I’ll report back later on what else we find out…..


About themotorcyclecourier

Director at Concierge Couriers Ltd - a Motorcycle Courier company. Specialising in providing quick delivery solutions throughout the UK and to Continental Europe.
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