Motorcycling – a way of life !!

I recently completed a 6 question ‘quiz’ about motorcycling – while there’s nothing strange with the response (in my eyes) ‘others’ may well have a different view….

Read on…

Question 1:

I am interested in motorcycles because:

Your Answer:
I enjoy riding


You are an adventurous creature who loves independence and freedom, and are not held back by risk.  As well, you are secretly admired by those who wish they could be more like you (and who may also consider you “crazy,” or more precisely, “inspirationally abnormal”).

Question 2:

I ride motorcycles primarily to:

Your Answer:
Enjoy riding by myself


You are free-spirited, independent, actively competent and dexterious, as well as quite self-assured.  You are a natural leader and go your own way: no one can tell you how to run your life.  You enjoy life more than any non-rider you know.  You’ve solved most of the primary problems in the world, and if you could spend a little less time riding, you could help get those resolutions implemented!

Question 3:

I think “motorcycle safety” is:

Your Answer:
Something I continually learn more about.


You are intelligent and/or experienced enough to respect the concept of reducing calculated risks for the purpose of enjoying long-term motorcycle pleasures. You are a good friend to yourself and to others, and all things considered, you have a pretty good life.  You would help another in need (including non-bikers) and represent the cream of the crop within the global brotherood of motorcycle riders.

Question 4:

I primarily ride:
Your Answer:
Huh? What does the weather have to do with anything? I ride until the snow is too deep to get out.


Dude, presuming you’re telling the truth, you are one heck of a hard-core, motorcycle riding fanatic!  You are healthy, strong, hard-headed, ruggedly individualistic, and very adept at solving problems and getting things done.  It’s likely that you’re also a Navy Seal.  If there were more people like you we’d have world peace and every nation would have a balanced budget.  (WELL, I AM A COURIER)

Question 5:

Here is what I think about wearing a motorcycle helmet:
Your Answer: B1
I always wear a helmet, regardless of whether the law says I need to or not.


You balance your freedom and pleasure with practical responsibility.  You have confronted the reality that if you want to enjoy motorcycle riding a long time, a high-quality helmet is an important part of ensuring your survival.  Heck, that helmet of yours even has the potential to help your family, friends and associates to benefit from your brilliant and entertaining companionship indefinitely into the future.

Question 6:

The “Best” motorcycles are those that:
Your Answer: D1
Go the longest distances in relative comfort.


You are bold, adventurous, spirited, philosophical and experienced in many areas of life.  Even though you are a kid at heart, statistically speaking, you are over the hill.  You are enjoying life more than most every non-rider you know and your non-riding friends think you’re eccentric.

I rest my case….

See you soon, ride safe…..



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