It’s not just all about riding a motorcycle…..

Good start to the week (but that’s partly because we were so busy doing ‘stuff’ over the weekend) – managed to change interweb hosting provider etc.  ( a scary process when you haven’t done anything like this before)
The transition (touch wood) has so far proved OK – I can send and recieve emails and we have a ‘skeleton’ website – Woo Hoo !!
So no (as far as I’m aware) customer communication disruption?
Had an interesting delivery job today, took me back to my days as an engineer within the paper industry – aaaahhhh I can ‘smell’ it now !
Basically, I had to take some parts to an engineering firm, wait while they were fixed/refurbed and bring them back.  This was for a printing company and one of thier special guillotines. 
I’d forgotten just how much work I used to do on guillotines – build them, fix them etc etc.
Summary was we achieved a very quick turn around so my customer was able to get his guillotine up and running, complete his order and minimise his customer disruption. (I think I mentioned something like this earlier) 
Onward and upward as they say…..

About themotorcyclecourier

Director at Concierge Couriers Ltd - a Motorcycle Courier company. Specialising in providing quick delivery solutions throughout the UK and to Continental Europe.
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